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At Project ETaV (every town and village) our aim is to give everyone access to spiritual knowledge through widespread distribution of transcendental books – free of charge. Regardless of race, nationality or creed. Find out more about us.

Distributing Spiritual Books.

Project ETaV only distributes spiritual books. Books full of knowledge of the transcendental reality that lies beyond our sensory perception. Find out more and get downloads to more spiritual books.

Spiritual Books

“One who, with respect and devotion, and according to scriptural directives makes a gift of this holy book, the Gita – such a person’s wife will be devoted. And without a doubt, he shall enjoy fame, fortune and good health. He shall enjoy the affection of those dear to him, he shall know the highest happiness.”
Gita Mahatmya 27/28

On Bhakti Yoga.

All the books distributed by Project ETaV are about the subject of ‘bhakti-yoga’ – the yoga of loving devotion. Bhakti yoga is also known as ‘sanatan-dharma’, the eternal identity of the soul in its relationship with the Absolute. Find out more about the ancient teachings of bhakti yoga >

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Project Every Town and Village UK is part of the Bhakti Yoga Society UK, a registered charity.

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Nectar of Vraja FestivalComplete information about the Nectar of Vraja Festival 2016 in Cornwall.

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Hare Krishna Kirtan

Meditate for a few moments on these transcendental sounds, sung with love and devotion.