Divine Incense

Divine Incense

Connoisseur premium quality pure incense made with all natural ingredients.

Our incense range includes:

Divine Vision
Created to help uplift your home and support your deep meditation; Divine vision incense is unique to Divine Incense and is our own special blend of secret ingredients.

Frankincense is the classic fragrance that is burned all over the world to purify atmospheres and create the right mood for contemplation, meditation and prayer.

Goddess incense is powerful and subtle bringing your room a calm, clear and elevated mood. Suitable for reflection and gratitude meditations.

Green Champa
Our green champa incense gives your home or temple a special forest vibe. This special incense is perfect for purifying negative energy.

Mother Earth
Mother earth incense has its own blend of earthy aromas and tones. But also has uplifting notes that create a beautiful harmony and perfume your home or meditation space with a balance of clarity and depth to support your meditation.

Nag Champa
Popular with all devotees and followers of different teachers, nag champa incense is an all time classic and is guaranteed to give you a beautiful, sensual aroma everywhere it’s used.

Pure Jasmine
A favourite of many pure jasmine incense carries the aroma and mood of the Himalayas. It somehow creates a wonderfully perfume laden atmosphere in the home or temple.

Pure Musk
This pure musk incense has an exciting and invigorating aroma. Excellent for clearing energy.

The favourite choice of many. Sandalwood incense has such a unique and evocative aroma, helping to clear and calm any atmosphere.

Vrindavan Flower
The all time classic Vrindavan Flower incense that devotees of Krishna burn in their temples and homes. Offer this incense with love on your home altar.

Variety Pack
A versatile selection for people who like to have plenty of choice to offer and place in their incense burner.
20 Goddess
20 Mother Earth
20 Himalayan Flower
20 Pure Musk
20 Sandalwood