Frequently asked questions about ETAV.

Q. What are the books about?

A. The books distributed by ETaV are full of spiritual knowledge. The books contain ancient wisdom, insight and understanding derived from the Sanskrit literature of India. All are written by long-time practitioners of yoga and meditation. Find out more about bhakti-yoga.

Q. Why do you give the books out for free?

A. One of the principles of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu is the free distribution of spiritual knowledge.

All the books distributed by ETaV are sponsored by donors so there is no need to ask for a donation or fee for each book. Of course donations are gratefully received and added to the fund for purchasing new books to distribute.

Q. Are the books all by one person?

A.  No. The books are by a small selection of world renowned spiritual teachers and authors. All the writers are in the line of the Brahma-Madhva-Gaudiya-Sampradaya.

Q. Are the distributors paid?

A. No the distributors are all volunteers and receive no payment from ETaV.

Q. How can I take part in the project?

A. You can take part by reading the books, distributing books and sponsoring books.

Q. Are there any meetings or groups I can join?

A. Yes there are many meetings of Krishna conscious devotees all over the country. Drop us an email with your approximate location and we’ll send you information about activities local to you. Our email address is