Joy of distributing spiritual books

Adventures, amazing people, mystical experiences – all normal during time spent distributing and receiving transcendental books.

A helping hand in times of strife

Last time I visited my Hygienist, I gave her The Book of Dharma by Simon Haas. Today, when I saw her again, she said that the book now lives on her bedside table and she has been dipping in and out of it for months. She then explained that she had been going through some difficulties of late and how much the book has helped her. She inquired deeper into the Vedic philosophy which Simon talks about, which she felt, was inclusive of her own beliefs and foundation in spirituality. I left a very happy woman clutching three books by our Guru Maharaja – Harmony, Secrets of the Undiscovered Self and The Way of Love.

Jag Mohini Dasi

The soft hearted politician

It was great at the book table today, town was heaving. There was a parade with British Soldiers marching past, people waving, giving their support and so on. I gave out lots of books again, met many interesting people including British Labour Party Member Austin Mitchell. He stopped at the table and spotting the Bhagavad-Gita he said to me,  “Oh I have that book, someone gave it to me some many years ago, excellent book!”. I replied,  “Hello Sir,  are you Austin Mitchell, the Labour MP?”.  “Yes” he responded beginning our nice little talk about this and that. He was quite inquisitive about our books and finally chose and left with The Origin Of Ratha Yatra. He let me take a photo of him and then said,  “You have a photo of me, now you hold the book and I will take a photo of you!”.  Funny he is quite a caring politician who helped many local people with their difficulties during his political career. I know a few of them.

Devarsirat Das

Seeds of devotion

You were right when you said that we are planting seeds with the books. Last night at the programme with Pujapad Vana Maharaja, a young dude who was there said that I gave him a Brahma Samhita 2 years ago at The Level in Brighton and he’s been reading it. He was invited to the programme by Ananga Mohan prabhu and was treated to high class sadhu sanga. He seemed very fired up and happy that he has found Govinda. We will see more of this in time – awesome!  Hip hip hooray, hip hip hooray and all glories to Project ETaV and all book distributors ki jaya!

Lalit Krishna Das

Every town, village and country lane

Today….Traveling along the Cotswold lanes, drove past some Travelers, 2 horse drawn wagons and another being constructed…Horses grazing, it was an idyllic sight to see. Godbrother who was with me suggested we stop and give them a book. Had a great conversation about lifestyle/freedom etc….as I pulled away I could see them both huddled over,and looking through the book they’d received (Sri Camatkara-candrika)…and emails were exchanged….Project ETaV and rural lanes.

Madan Gopal Das

Transcendental mining in Wales

Today Project ETaV has made its way to a small mining town called Ammonford in Wales -I have to go twice a week to take my son Krsna to a deaf unit there. This lovely lady owns a little holistic healing shop named Harmony, so she took straight to Gurudeva’s book Harmony. Then on we went to the local health shop and the lady has still got the original Bhagavad-Gita and has been reading it for 40 yrs …. Then we went off for some more fun putting up Jagannatha stickers for the folks of Ammonford to have darshan…. Jai Srila Gurudeva , jai Project ETaV for making this possible ….Radhe Radhe

Prana Vallabha Das

Miracles in London

Now I’m addicted to book distribution after a beautiful afternoon of distribution and kirtan on the London Eye with Jagatam didi.

I would like to share with you my happiness, which happened to begin with a chance to distribute my Gurudeva’s books for free. On New Year’s Eve or Nagara Sankirtan, Sushama didi and myself went out to do some Central London book distribution. It was a wonderful experience. We had 3 full hours of happy singing the holy names of the Lord with approximately 30 or so initiated spiritual brothers and an uncountable number of those who just joined in from passing-by on the street. During the sankirtan one drunken man at the beginning broke into the center of the circle of dancing devotees with a bottle in the hand, It seemed to be quit dangerous for us, but nothing serious has happened. He Insulted us and has screaming with his drunken voice. He tried to brake out the kirtan. But no one stopped him nor reciprokate aggression with him. We were so absorbed in chanting that noone has care of him and his bad mood. After a few minutes, the same man came back, but little calmer and began to dance with us in the circle. He liked that obiously because he reminded with us for more than half an hour. His mood has definitely changed and finaly he even started to chant mahamantra with us.

At the same time, five Muslim girls of arabian look, in traditional chadars on their heads have dance with us. At first that was just for joke, but after some time they had enjoying kirtan really much, so they have been over an hour and all these girls was very active in singing all the mantras, which they could repeat after us, constantly dancing with us. So amazing! At the end all interested people have receive invitation cards and some of them a bit of tasty ekadasi prasadam. I have distributed about 35 booklets and 2 books but unfortunately I didn’t take enough books with me. That was because the demand exceeded my expectations. THAT WAS A NIGHT OF REAL MIRACLES !!!

Gopikanta Das

Every cloud has a silver lining and it’s raining books

More good news! A box of books went out today in the lovely town of Stroud, Gloucestershire. One old hippie lady who wanted to buy some incense told me she had her purse stolen, so I gave her some incense as a gift and also gave her a Journey of the Soul as well. She said,  “But I don’t have any money!” to which I replied, “It’s not about money, please take it as a gift.  I would like to cheer you up because you have had a bad day.” She folded her hands and with a really happy face said,  “Thank you!  Hare Krsna!” The jivas in Stroud were happy to receive the books, more good news to follow Jaya Sri Radhe

Good news! A box of books was distributed today in Oxford. Many New-Age people  were happy to choose a book and they seemed very grateful to get a free gift about Sri Krsna. It’s so nice that we can serve Srila Gurudeva without anxiety. Thanks to Project ETaV – KI JAYA!

Lalit Krishna Das

On the right side of the law

Out on book distribution today. Two very respectful special police force in full gear, big guys, came to check us out and asked many questions and also took the Bhagavad Gita. They were quite happy with us and especially mentioned this to as I was telling them that God is one with many different names and that all religions must come therefore from the same Supreme person and that people in different cultures and countries, call Him by different names. They thought it to be an excellent way of looking at it. I also spoke about non violence mentally or physically, which they appreciated. They liked that our programs are open to the public and that we are completely non sectarian.

Devarsirat Das

Distribution within the sanga

Sarojini and myself delivered 13 boxes of books to Jayanandini dd in Birmingham yesterday, she was very happy to receive them. Some of the books will go to Hari dasa in Handsworth temple and also Jaynandini will donate some to Heart and Space Yoga Center to be handed out to the public.

Nandasuta Das

Last consignment of books delivered to Liverpool for Ananda Mohan, Ananga Manjari and Radha Ramana. They have been enthusiastically received by libraries and bookshops there as well as by people on the street.

Sarojini Didi
Dandavat pranams Jagat Mogini di di and Nanda Suta prabhu and all devotees. Today we received so many wonderful books to flood Grimm Grimsby with Love of God. This is really a place in dire need of enlightenment smile emoticon Sorry not everyone was there for the photo, but Gaurangi dasi and Govinda devi was there to help. Much love from all of us from the end of the World from a place called Grimsby. Soon the books will go out and shine light unto this place. Haribol Radhe Radhe and thank you for engaging us. haribol
Devarsirat Das

Ordinary opportunities to distribute

Had a Heating engineer round today servicing the boiler, talking about alternative energy, society, health etc. He was very happy to take two books for his 20 yr old son – Journey of the Soul and Sri Camatkara-candrika. All made possible with pressure free Project ETaV books.

Thursday 24/4/14…..had a early knock on the door from one of the teachers at my son’s school (nothing serious)…we were talking about encouragement and inspiration, She mentioned. Music and that she plays in a local Brass band. She liked the idea that a place exists where “Every word is a song and every step is a dance.”…just as she was leaving I carried a box of books into the kitchen explaining I had some generous friends who have sponsored these beautiful books about the personalities who live in this special place….She very gratefullying recieved Srila Visvanatha Chakravarti Thakuras Sri Camatkara-candrika. Thanks to Project ETaV.

Visited my Dad today in hospital after his new knee operation. I noticed Dad’s Physiotherapist was called Shiva. So, I thought he might appreciate Sri Camatkara-candrika and The Way of Love. He did and he appreciated them even more when I explained that they were free (he did ask). I told him that I appreciated the help he’s giving my dad to get better. The visit ended nicely, we even ended up hearing a story from the fella in the next bed about how he used to hear the Hare Krishnas chanting from a cellar in Totnes Highstreet.

Madan Gopal Das

Dinner tales

Yesterday friends from Essex came over for a meal, they loved the prasadam and really wanted some recipes. They went home with Kitchen Of Love, some hing, a Song of Braja, a Heart and Soul, a Harmony and a Book of Dharma! They told us today how excited they are about the vegan recipes and in working out converting other recipes to vegan ones (he is already veggie).  Haribol prasadam and book distribution ki jai!

My brother (not a devotee) told me how he has been rocking out to Songs of Braja and cooking from Kitchen of Love!

Jag Mohini Dasi

From outside our front door

Week 6 of The Lizard’s Project ETaV. 6 books going to Mousehole, Cambourne and Penzance in Cornwall, Cork, Ireland, Swinton, Manchester and somewhere in Bristol.

Week 5 of The Lizard’s Project ETaV. A total of 7 books were taken this week. 2 books went up-country to Devon, one to Buckfastleigh and the other to Germansweek. One book went to Welshpool in Powys, Mid-Wales and four books went to different villages on The Lizard Pennisula – Treluswell, Morgan, Mullion and Helston. Happy reading ki jai!

In the two weeks of this simple start to Project ETaV, we have distributed over 30 books to passersby. A few books have been taken without leaving a name but we are happy for people to have them. The colouring books are very popular with passing children. Thank you for the inspiration Srila Gurudeva ki jai!

Project ETaV Headquarters