Project ETaV UK has a wonderful group of administrators and distributors. Here is a little bit about our team…

Lalit Krsna is a man on a mission. He is a founding member of Project ETaV – whose name and central ideas evolved out of our mutual desire to get transcendental literature into every town and village. Lalit Krsna prabhu has flooded Brighton’s New Agers with the books, goes to small country towns, attends boot-fares and parades, and visits all the local shopkeepers!


Out on the street, attending local festivals and boot fares, and visiting local shopkeepers, Devarsirat converses weekly about the glories of the Vaisnava mission, offering them free transcendental literature and organising weekly Bhakti Yoga programs. He is a key force behind preaching and transcendental literature in the Northeast of England and is a super dedicated member of the Project ETaV UK team.


A great new addition to the team, Gopikanta‘s enthusiasm has lit up Central London and the London Eye with some great distribution and kirtan. Hardworking and meticulous, we look forward to seeing what plans he has for the next wave of books.


The youngest members of the Project ETaV team are Keseva and Shanteya. Along with their dad, Lalita Krsna prabhu, they have become fierce on-street distributors.



Kamala joins Lalita Krsna prabhu when he is in the Brighton area. Her joyful attitude and smiling face attracts many to see what she holds and offers. A lovely addition to the team.


Our Madan Gopal carries books in his car so that when he comes across folks that he gels with, he can hand them a book and speak some hari katha. Madan Gopal is the artist  behind Project ETaV’s eye-catching silhouette (although he credits the original figures of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu and Sri Nityananda to the renowned Sanga artist Srimati Syamarani didi).


Nandasuta and Sarojini are instrumental in getting the books to the North of England and to the distributors there. They are also the founders of Registered Charity Bhakti Yoga Society (Bhakti Projects UK).


Tulsi distributes books amongst the musical youth and hipsters of London and Cornwall.


Busy father Prana Vallabha still finds time to get out into his local community and get the books out there. He is Project ETaV’s Welsh connection.


Paruma Karuna is our amazing web designer, researcher and writer. His efforts got this website to where it is and by adding the electronic links to all the available transcendental literature, he inadvertently becomes the distributor of many e-books!


Without Jamuna-Jivana, we would still be talking! He really is the backbone of the group, consistently motivated by desire to serve our Guru. He brings in donors and gets  ‘things’ going. He has been known to distribute in garages and amongst groups of musicians and therapists.


Jag Mohini  decided to give books to everyone that she knew and had met over the years. She had been quietly doing just that for years, sending off a parcel here and there, when Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu’s mission manifested itself during a conversation with two other devotees (Jamuna -Jivana and Lalita Krsna). From there, she was hooked – finding donors and other devotees to distribute that also had the desire to spread transcendental literature for free, touching the hearts of people with a genuine gift. She gets the books to British shores, into the hands of ETaV’s distributors, and does a little ‘Bhakti-Action’ herself – leaving books with dog groomers, dentists, doctors, hairdressers and generally most people that she meets.


Project ETaV Headquarters is where the books are first delivered to be allocated all over the country. On sunny days we put a small book table outside our front door and ask passersby who take a book to sign their name and village. That way we can just begin to map where the books are going…